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Abstract: The technology has been successfully applied to over 50 BFs, size from 200 to 650 ....[More]

The development of anti-explosion and rapid heat up ASC castable refractory and the practice of reconstructing dry main trough of a BF with single taphole into iron store style

The iron trough of modern large blast furnace is generally casted with the low-cement bonded Al2O3-SiC-C castable refracories[1~3]. Such material, characterized by safe use, long campaign life, less consumption and convenient construction and maintenance, is an important guarantee for stable and smooth ....[More]

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Meeting time:26-28/05/2010
Meeting Description:Iron production technology in 2010 of the Academic Annual Conference and iron …

Technique for prolonging life of the iron tapping channel of small and medium-sized furnace More>>

Technique field

This patent involves design and modification technique for prolonging life of the iron tap channel of furnace (single tap hole).

Invention content

In this patent, we put forward a technological plan to prepare a kind of improved, fast hardening and fast baking Al2O3-SiC-C low cement castables, and modify or design iron-storage tapping channel for single tap hole furnace with the castables, which can prolong the life of tap channel.

Benefits for users

1. High quality tap channel material in large furnace is used for tap channel in small and medium furnace tap channel after applying fast ....More>>

2. Employing castables, the density from surface to inside is consistent while the ramming material is only dense on the surface. ...More>>

3. With liquid iron remains in the tap channel, the tapping melten iron would not hit the refratory castables directly and with the....More>>

4. With longer life of tap channel, the conditions in casting house would improve, the intensity of labor of blast furnace .....More>>

Main relevant materials

Castables for main tap channel, castables for branch tap channel, repair material for main tap channel, repair material for branch tap channel, prefabricated parts for slag skimmer


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